Team Kenzongos run & have fun!

Our new neighbourhood is "built for Whippets"! There are lots of different kind of playing fields around and my boys just LOVE running free!
Enjoy the latest pics; taken yesterday 11.9.:

Viri galloping.

And showing his best.

It is amazing how flexible Whippets are! This is Hupi running!

Luxi shows how LONG he can be!

And this is Hupi showing what does "double suspension gallop" mean! All feet UP!

Luxi and Hupi takes always some time to wrestle!

Is this a kangaroo? No, it is Hupi! ;)

Hupi ran and ran, around and around!

While Luxi takes a brake, Hupi is ALWAYS going!

And here they go together, Hupi & Luxi!

Also Hula can make special movements when a certain curve demands it!

Hula enjoys running at football field.

Hula galloping with juice can in his mouth.

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