Little Eddie made a visit!

Yesterday my boys went crazy when we met little Eddie, Silentkaze Easy Come Easy Go (Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn x Ch Plaudite Rare Antique Love). He is 5 mths old handsome & wild little boy.

I had my camera -ofcourse- with and took some videoclips and Eddie´s owner took some stacked pics while I was training Eddie.

Later on we walked together ~1 hour and I think Eddie must have been exhausted when he went home?!

You can see one videoclip by clicking here.

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Anne kirjoitti...

Kiitos vielä paljon lenkkiseurasta! Eddie jaksoi vielä koko kotimatkan hyppiä ja pomppia, mutta kotona iski sitten väsy ja pentu makasi illan sohvalla jalat kohti kattoa. :)