In spotlight: Hupi! (who celebrates his 4th birthday on monday)

This is extremely photogenic Hupi, Ch Twyborn Philadelphia! These pictures shows his personality in all angles! ;D Hupi celebrates his 4th birthday on monday, 26th.

Hupi is very talented in decorating & moderating his bed.

He always finds all the best and softest spots to lie his head.

In car he looks like this. He takes his place always behind all my other dogs.

Calm Hupi with one of his toys.

With balloons he can look this crazy.

When it is time to run, he gets instantly wild!

After running he cleans and cools himself like this.

Hupi enjoys; and has sometimes a bit funny sleeping positions.

When he is in hurry, his ears helps him to stop ;D.

Did I say he cleans himself? Well, here he might make a camouflage.

And smells afterwards like soil.

Happy birthday my sweet Hupi!

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