Welcome Huima!

Finally and eventually -for purpose I have those two similar words here- Huima, Nerejde Helter Skelter (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Dita Von Teese) is here!
I can´t be more proud and pleased that Stefano Muzzolini and Chiara Burelli trusted this jewel to me.
Huima arrived from Venice to Helsinki on 12.8. and is very sound and safe now in our pack. My boys are ofcourse confused about the new familymember but Huima seems to take their confusion like: "So"?
He eats well, sleeps well and is very busy carrying all toys to our frontyard... Maybe they are too dusty and he wants to "fresh" our toys a bit by keeping them outdoors for a while.
He seems to be "cool and calm" by his temperament, but Chiara warned me out today by saying; "Wait 1-2 weeks"...

Thank you Stefano and Chiara for trusting me Huima. He will be loved, spoiled and pampered by Team Kenzongos!
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Huima on hieno! Kaunis ja hyvin käyttätyvä kaikin puolin. Oli kiva tutustua.