A great day (x2) for Hupikids!

Yesterday I got both txt-messages and phonecalls from rainy Lithuania. There happened a lot:

19.6.2010 at INT show in Lithuania Leevi took BD-1, CC & Cacib!
Leevi became a new INT CH!!! His new title:
C.I.B & FI & EE & LT Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Best-Looking Blooming Martha)
judge Markku Mähönen, Finland (Powder Horn)
20.6.2010 at another INT show in Lithuania Leevi took again all; BD-1, CC & Cacib and also Moletai Cup Winner-10 -title!
judge was Espen Engh, Norway (Jet´s)

at same show 19.6.: Gema, SBIS & C.I.B & LT & LV & EE & Balt & RU JCh & LT & LV & EE & Balt & RU & BY & MD & RKF Ch & BaltJW-07 & LTW-08 Bicolour Tourmaline Dominija (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Ch Boxing Helena´s Coral Gem) took BOB!

You both pairs; Jutta & Leevi and Asta & Gema, made us very proud! Heartfelt congratulations to you all!

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