Team Kenzongos took Canon with to Helsinki groupshow!

What a nice showday I had! I left my boys at home and went to Helsinki groupshow to show my Canon to everybody; I managed to take ~320 pictures from with ~ 160 went to trash, but the rest of shots are loaded to my 1g, click here.
Few Hupi- and Hulapups were shown with great results, again.

In juniorclass males Gaselle´s Top Shot (Ch Carry On Ramblin´Man x Gaselle´s Sempre Amore) took VG with very nice critique. Hope Ida has time to write it down to comments-area later on.

G. Top Shot in move.

In champion class males Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Best-Looking Blooming Martha) was EXC/2 with super critique & judges flattering comments after placing; "He is my favourite". Leevi´s a bit happy tail today and a bit narrow behind movement made him second in strong champion class.

In open class bitches Jagodas Gingembre (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Ch Aaniston An Outstanding Filly) took also flattering EXC/2 result among 9 bitches. And once again; with super critique. Hope Heli will take some time as well to write it down later on. This lovely bitch is always in excellent condition and moves like a dream. Thanks to Jutta for her professional and beautiful handling!

J. Gingembre in move.

Last but not least in working class males Gaselle´s Get On (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Ch Gaselle´s La Scala) was EXC/1 and this multipurpose male ended up BIS-2 among all working class dogs. Hope Ida will write down also his critique in comments-area.

Team Kenzongos congratulates you all!

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Ida kirjoitti...

Lucan (G. Get On) arvostelu:

3 years old. Curvy male, nice type. Head could be more refined. Nice expression, lovely dark eyes. Good ears. Correct neck. Nice front angulation. Strong back, too steep in croup. Nice underline. Moderate rear angulation. Moves very well and typical from the side, quite narrow behind. Well presented in lovely condition.

Hubben arvostelun voin laittaa myöhemmin, kun palaan mökiltä kotiin.

Terkuin Ida

Heli kirjoitti...

2 years bitch of lovely classical type. Perfect balance, beautiful head & expression. Correct bite. Good ears. Lovely neck. Beautiful topline & underline. Correct lentgh in loin. Lovely angulation front & rear. Moves with a lovely reach & ease from the side. Sound coming and going. Well presented in excellent condition. AVO ERI AVK/2

Kiitos esittäjälle, itse olin näyttelyn aikana festaroimassa ahkerasti :)

-Heli ja Tuikku

Ida kirjoitti...

Hubben arvostelu:

20 (?) months old. Quite tall dog. Slightly short coupled. Very nice type. Lovely head & expression. Correct bite. Good ears. Nice neck, although neck set could be smoother. Bit stright in front & upper arm. Good topline & upper line. Well angulated behind. Moves typical, but like to see longer reach. Quite unstable still in front. Lovely condition.