Tuikku, 10th champion sired by Hupi!

Today Tuikku, Ch Jagodas Gingembre (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Ch Aaniston An Outstanding Filly) became 10th champion-kid, sired by Hupi!

At Kaarina groupshow, Henrik Härling (Play A While) gave the qualifying CC to Tuikku, who took also BB-2 placement!
What a superday & super result for Tuikku & Heli and also her breeder, Piia Issakainen, as well to my sweet Hupi! We are so proud!

Tuikku trotting in picture beside.

pic taken by Kirsi Aalto

All Hupi´s champion children are listed here:

Ch Bicolour Tourmaline Dominija ( x Ch Boxing Helena´s Coral Gem)
Ch Balmy Limonite Dominija
Ch Blissful Rodonite Dominija
Ch Be Pretty Celestine Dominija

Ch Gaselle´s Greatest Hits ( x Ch Gaselle´s La Scala)

Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn ( x Best-Looking Blooming Martha)

Ch Jagodas Gingembre ( x Ch Aaniston An Outstanding Filly)
Ch Jagodas Grosse Bise

Ch Miyessa Aslanthelion ( x Belltown Blackballet)
Ch Miyessa Adelinda

Way to go all boys and girls!

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Rita kirjoitti...

The sweetest sire in the word:):)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Congratulations! Super boy!