Today Kenzola looks like this!

We´ve had a busy day here with all interior decoration; lots of paintings to put up etc. This is how our flat looks today:

Paintings at hall. The biggest one above I´me made at school ~15 yrs of age.

View from hall.

Kitchen window and walls.

Trophy cabinet.

View to stairs..

and a bit more down..

and one more view to stairs.
There are still few more boxes to empty and it starts to get really interesting to see where to put the rest of stuff. Lots of paintings waiting their right places, and it seems that there is not so much empty space left.
But, I think it starts to look quite nice up here; bedrooms are still under construction. ;)

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Jaana&Eppu and other boys kirjoitti...

Looks really really nice and what a landscape too 8) Mun engelska is quite huono I think so :D Epulta pusuja!