Team Kenzongos Go for a walk!

Yesterday we walked 3,6 km long "fitness track" and I had my Canon S5 IS with! In this area we now live are MANY of different tracks to walk -some tracks are longer (some shorter) and this track we walked was quite a nice one to walk!
At wintertime tracks are only for skiers but in summertime you can walk in them and also with dogs!

What a beautiful vision; boys in field full of flowers!

Hula eating grass..

Hula, Hupi and Luxi.

Boys heard some crack from woods.

We are almost at target!

Hula chasing Viri.

And Hupi is chasing Luxi; look at his muscles!

Boys in line.

Hula was waiting for Viri!

Hula with his ears! ;)

Hula chasing Hupi.

Hupi jumping!

Luxi & Hupi playing!

We need water!!

Luxi having fun!

Lelu roll on ground.

Hupi looks like laughing at goal!

All pics taken 29.5.2009.

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Jaana ja Eppa&co kirjoitti...

Upeat maisemat elikkä kuvat kans! Meillä täällä yksi "Daddy's Ears" odottelee Haapajärven näyttelyitä ;) Hulalle pus ja muille myös!