Lenkillä - our new walking areas!

Kotiovelta mäkeä alas ja edessä on tällainen näkymä:
Just a bit down from our home door and this kind of view is ahead:

Hevoshaan koulu oikealla.
Local school at right.

Beautiful green fields nearby us.

After walking ~ 5 minutes I can let my boys run free. But I think they are
more like eating grass in this picture. ;)

Hula and Viri beside one field.

Luxi, Viri and Hula.

Viri looking smart.

Beautiful path.

Local riding stable ahead.

Sotungin koulu alhaalla vasemmalla.
School of Sotunki on the left side. Just around 500 m from us.

This is Hevoshaantie 24 pictured from fields down.

This hill goes straight to our yard.

We saw also duck in brook. :)

A bit scary looking sky and trees making sharp, black silhouette.

Boys enjoying sun in their new front yard. It is much smaller than
before, but they all fit nicely at grass. In pic above is Hula and Hupi.

And when sun goes down, Hupi relaxes in his favourite bed. ;)

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