Team Kenzongos 1g WHIPPET photosite!

I update my 1g -photosite VERY often. You can find LOTS of Whippetpictures uploaded there in many of different files. In my NEW 1g I have done also huge reorganizing trying to make your surfing easier and more fluent.
IF you don´t already know my photosite and wonder what it does contain, I will enclose here the whole contents of it with the filetitles and links!

Coursingpictures -file you will find photographers name under pics if taken by someone else than me. Pic above is taken by Antti Ruotsalo (Juku coursing).

Having Fun Together Indoors.

Hulapics, in his file you will find photographers name under pics if taken by someone else than me.

Hupipics, in his file you will find photographers name under pics if taken by someone else than me.

Jukupics, in his file you will find photographers name under pics if taken by someone else than me.

Luxipics, in his file you will find photographers name under pics if taken by someone else than me.

Viripics, in his file you will find photographers name under pics if taken by someone else than me.

Relatives -file is loaded with pictures which are related to my boys. Above Strippoker´s By Design.

I have also uploaded Some of my Favourite Whippets in their own site. In pic above Merci Isle Second Dawn.

Special pictures found from web you can find here. This magnificent pic is painted by Jolanda Richter.

Team Kenzongos at shows -file you will find photographers name under pics if taken by someone else than me. Pic above is taken by Minna Keronen.

Facepictures are loaded in their own site.

Newest is a file where I keep the latest pics week or two before replacing them to their individual sites.

Hulapuppies can be found here.

Hupipuppies from here.

Lelupics -file you will find photographers name under pics if taken by someone else than me.

Team Kenzongos having winterfun!

We are together here.

Viripuppies can be found from here.

Whole gang is represented in this site.

Miscellaneous pics you can find from here.

On the sofa, something Whippets are very good in!

Some showpics by Kenzongos can be seen here.

My boys are stacked here. In their files you will find photographers name under pics if taken by someone else than me. Pic above by Antti Ruotsalo.

Team Kenzongos backyard; in winter/summer...

This is fun!

Last but not least; all in our pack can be seen on the video here.


Some showresults 28-29.6.2008

Järvenpää is a small little city near us, just 24 km far from. There was 2 NAT shows during this weekend.
I had two of my boys with on Saturday to Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen (Hula & Hupi) and also two of them on Sunday to Garry Dryburgh, (Tezer-Whippets), Australia, (Luxi & Hupi).

Hupi & Luxi pictured on Sunday 29.6.2008

They say "every GOOD dog has also G:s in his/hers results" and that is very much true. In early days when I was competing with my Basenjis, my Kino (Ch Kenzongos Kinongo) was in one weekend BIS-1 and next gained just VG. This weekend it was Hula´s turn to take G, blue ribbon.
Every judge has his own taste and when someone is looking "just type" someone emphasizes details. When someone is after "daisy cutting action" in movement, someone else is after soundess, expression and/or elegance.

One thing which is above all to me in showing dogs is the THING; "you never know" and that keeps my interest alerted! Today there is no according to the rules in Whippets in the showring; like we had few years ago. Ch Bohem Flight Time or Ch Terra Bella I´m Redee, true Whippets which were trotting from one win to another.

Hupi, Ch Twyborn Philadelphia (pic by Nilla Lindholm)

Such a many types, such a many Whippets in rings today. Like in my pack, six of them, they all are very different in type. Somehow I also think that the versatile is the richness in our breed. If someone asks my opinion, I would say that I want to keep it like this.

Ofcourse there is a breed standard; but there are also many different tastes in breeding -and also in judging. Me; I want -and try- to be as open as possible to all different types and find their best parts. I am very much after soundness and balance; which I find the most important things in our breed!
I also want to find Whippet standing in his every feet soundly and balanced. What comes after that; smooth movement with some details perhaps; beautiful head and carriage; that is just extra, cream over cake.
In this posting I will enclose a pic from Leyendas Happy Days which I took today in Järvenpää ring. She is very nice looking AND standing nicely in her every feet.

Something which has delighted my day lately is one new Swedish import from Merci Isle; Merci Isle Second Dawn. What a stunning young male, I wait a lot from this youngster! Could you ask more from a 9 mths old male? His picture can be found here.

Trying to translate Hula´s and Hupi´s criticues here judged on Saturday by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen:
Hula, Carry On Ramblin´Man:
"Short bodied male. Strict shoulder and upperarm. Good depth & volume of brisket. A bit heavy in condition. Short loin. His backstep is lacking strength. Good length of head, but muzzle could be more filled. A bit light in boneing and has a bit weak pasterns. Is acting a bit unwilling today."
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia:
"Big and strong male. His overall look is a bit heavy because he is too fat. His boneing is a bit strong, too. His scull is quite wide. Beautiful, long lines. Good angulations in front & rear. Beautifully arched back. His overall impact is too strongly built."

Sunday is easier to write down, because the judge was australian; Garry Dryburgh, Tezer-Whippets, and critiques are written in english.
Luxi, Monetblue:
"Good breed type. Large. Good head. I would prefer better front with better turn of upper arm. Good topline & underline. Restricted when moving. Flicking pasterns."
Hupi, Twyborn Philadelphia:
"Well boned dog. Good outline. Good forechest & front placement. Smooth neck & shoulders. Good underline & hindquarters. Sound, but lacks elegance."

Leyendas Happy Days


We have a new familymember!

Welcome to our pack Canon S5 IS! I´ve waited so long to have a GOOD camera, and now my dream became true!
It will take some time to know all the details in picturing with it, but I´ll learn, at least I hope so!

Here is one pic when I´ve just opened the camerabox and showing it to Hupi. Hupi is smelling the new camera carefully and thinking perhaps; "No, again! It means more and more pictures.. Usually from me!" ;D

And next day -actually today- we were running again in our local, huge dogpark and I took one quite nice pic ab. Hupi enjoying himself lying on clovers.



It is not a secret that I adore facepictures! Whippets has so many melting and expressive expressions, don´t you agree?

Juku´s dark brown and moisted eyes!

Juku takes a nap.

Luxi´s nose is deep in bushes...

Hupi seems to be a bit bored?

Alerted Viri, as always!

Huge praise goes to Mikko Koskinen and his Canon; his pics above has Eeks-label.

Zuli pictured 21.6.2008!

I´ve received some new pics ab. "Zuli", Bright Clear Emeralde Dominija (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Ch Boxing Helena´s Coral Gem).

Pics are taken 21.6. by DigitalDean


In Finland we have this thing called JUHANNUS!

Keskikesän juhla, Juhannus, on kalenteriin 20.6. kirjattu juhla, jolloin tulee joko matkustaa maalle tai vaihtoehtoisesti jäädä kaupunkiin. Samaa asiaa harrastetaan kuitenkin niin maalla kuin kaupungissakin; istutaan ulkona, nautitaan likööriä ja grillataan makkaraa.

Makaronilaatikot ja pizzat saavat väistyä valinta-altaista kun kauppiaat kautta Suomen ovat hyvissä ajoin tilanneet kuorman jos toisenkin juhannusmakkaroita. Normigrillimakkara ei ole enää mitään, vaan pitää olla tomaatti-mozzarella-chili-valkosipuli-aurajuustoa höystettynä Turun Sinapilla!

Tulikeppien tiristessä hiilloksella nautitaan pehmeistä liköörien aromeista samalla kun yhdessätuumin parannetaan maailmaa. Tämän juhannuksen hitti oli Werther´s Original -uute sekä vanha tuttu mustikkashotti!
Edellisen juhannuksen tapaan Kenzolassa istui iltaa sekalainen kööri, joita kaikkia yhdisti WHIPPET!
Koska kuva kertoo enemmän kuin tuhat sanaa, niin pidemmittä puheitta kuvakavalkadin pariin:

Pojat ryhmittyivät hyvissäajoin eteisen portille odottamaan vieraita.
Team Kenzongos boys were waiting guests...

Paparazzi kuvattavana. Huomatkaa kesän csi-muoti.
Picture ab. paparazzi. Notice his csi-fashion!

Aina voi piiloutua myös kameran taakse.
You can always hide yourself behind camera.

Luxilla on tylsää. Ilmeestä päätellen myös Hupilla. Luxi yrittää saada Hupia innostumaan juhannusmeiningistä!
Luxi is bored. It seems Hupi is too.

Koska Hupi ei lähtenyt leikkiin aina voi kysyä Eekeltä!
Luxi asks Eeke to play with him?!

Soffalla alkaa olla ruuhkaisaa.
It starts to be crowded on sofa!

Janne suorittaa hammas- ja purentatarkistusta.
Janne checks Heli´s teeth.

Kaikki näyttäisi olevan kunnossa.
Everything seems to be ok.

Kertomasi juttu on sinänsä ihan mielenkiintoinen. Voisitko kertoa sen kuitenkin hieman nopeammin?
Your story is really interesting. Could you please tell it a bit faster though?

Potretti. Huomatkaa Jannen hihan juhannushenkinen tahra.
Luxi, Sari, Janne & Lelu. And a very interesting stain in sleeve.

Livemusaa by Masa; Light my fire soi uruissa!
There is livemusic in Heli´s House! Light my fire with organ!

Melinda kärsi Kenzolassa teknon vaikutuksesta. Naama venyi leveään hymyyn kun Helin luona heltisi heviä!
Melinda suffered ab. tekno in Kenzola. She was very happy when heavymusic started to play in Heli´s house!

Partypeople in Heli´s house!

Aamu 21.6.
In the morning 21.6.

See ya again!