Team Kenzongos Go for a walk!

Yesterday we walked 3,6 km long "fitness track" and I had my Canon S5 IS with! In this area we now live are MANY of different tracks to walk -some tracks are longer (some shorter) and this track we walked was quite a nice one to walk!
At wintertime tracks are only for skiers but in summertime you can walk in them and also with dogs!

What a beautiful vision; boys in field full of flowers!

Hula eating grass..

Hula, Hupi and Luxi.

Boys heard some crack from woods.

We are almost at target!

Hula chasing Viri.

And Hupi is chasing Luxi; look at his muscles!

Boys in line.

Hula was waiting for Viri!

Hula with his ears! ;)

Hula chasing Hupi.

Hupi jumping!

Luxi & Hupi playing!

We need water!!

Luxi having fun!

Lelu roll on ground.

Hupi looks like laughing at goal!

All pics taken 29.5.2009.


Hupi starts to wallow.

And gets up after.

Hupi enjoys a hole he has digged.

Here Hupi enjoys eating grass..

also here..

and after some graseating he enjoys running!

But eating grass is something he loves!

Very much!

Here Hupi seems to have only one leg?

All pics taken 29.5.2009.


Very typical Viri pic!

As this one, too.

Viri in flower field.

Now he must have seen some bees!

All pics taken 29.5.2009.

Team Kenzongos enjoying sun!

Luxi at sun.

Hupi & Luxi enjoying in their new bed.

Hula found a suitable sleeping spot from our main door.

Few Hulapuppies stacked!

I´ve received some nice pictures ab. few Hulapuppies. These boys are from combination Ch Carry On Ramblin´Man x Gaselle´s Sempre Amore.

Papu, Gaselle´s Top Spin

Rico, Gaselle´s Tiger Woods
pic by Kirsi Aalto

Hubbe, Gaselle´s Top Shot
pic by Kirsi Aalto

Viripuppies coursing in Kaliningrad!

10.5.2009 in Kaliningrad was held the very first coursing competition. Durante Vita Viris Adventure (Ch Scheik´s Comando x Ch Pozhar V Kremle Liubovj Serzhika) took 2nd place in competition! Huge congratulations to his owner O. Shaminu & breeder!
Viris Adventure on the pic at left.

Durante Vita Vojager in Airspace from same litter took his working diploma with excellent result! Congratulations!!

Visit Durante Vita kennel here. Viri´s daughter Ch Durante Vita Visionary Dream has 4+1 litter born 24.5. sired by Yesterday Shadow of Gentle Mind.


Peppi at lc-competition!

Peppi, Jagodas Groseille (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Ch Aaniston An Outstanding Filly) participated lc-competition in Kajaani, 21.5.2009. And with VERY good results, she took 228 + 227 = 455 points with CQ and was 5th out of 15 Whippets.

Well done, keep up the good work!

Pic by Mari Moisala. (Peppi on the right.)


Luxi stacked!

With help of Meri Wilenius, knl Wiles, we managed to take some really nice stacked pics ab. Luxi, Monetblue (Ch Scheik´s Comando x Nicoret´s Happy Smile).

Picture is taken 24.5. in Hyvinkää, were Luxi competed in his 4th lc-competition. He took 202 + 225 = 427 points and were 10th among 11 competitors with CQ.

Well done, my handsome, little Luxi! ;)


Nastia in Seveso NAT 24.5.2009; BOB & Res. BIG!

Nastia, Hailhare Nastia Liukin (Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Ch Sobresalto Queen Of Hearts) was shown in Seveso NAT 24.5. with pleasing results. She went BOB and later on took also Res. BIG!!! In Best Young -ring she was selected among 10 best out of 40. What a magnificent results to this young, promising rookie! Way to go, girls!

Breed judge was Mr Alberto Lamperti and in groupring Mr Migliarini.



Lenkillä - our new walking areas!

Kotiovelta mäkeä alas ja edessä on tällainen näkymä:
Just a bit down from our home door and this kind of view is ahead:

Hevoshaan koulu oikealla.
Local school at right.

Beautiful green fields nearby us.

After walking ~ 5 minutes I can let my boys run free. But I think they are
more like eating grass in this picture. ;)

Hula and Viri beside one field.

Luxi, Viri and Hula.

Viri looking smart.

Beautiful path.

Local riding stable ahead.

Sotungin koulu alhaalla vasemmalla.
School of Sotunki on the left side. Just around 500 m from us.

This is Hevoshaantie 24 pictured from fields down.

This hill goes straight to our yard.

We saw also duck in brook. :)

A bit scary looking sky and trees making sharp, black silhouette.

Boys enjoying sun in their new front yard. It is much smaller than
before, but they all fit nicely at grass. In pic above is Hula and Hupi.

And when sun goes down, Hupi relaxes in his favourite bed. ;)